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On children & emotional healing

We often think of children as innocent beings who have yet to acquire the excess emotional baggage that comes with growing up and life's experiences. Sadly, most children are dealing with trapped emotional energy that they absorbed from or share with caregivers and family members, that are passed down their blood line or are carried over from personal 'past lives' experiences through their DNA. I find that most children also have Heart-Walls. ​

What does this mean and how is this relevant to me?​

In the holistic field "trapped emotions" is commonly used to describe any harmful, unconscious emotional frequencies which exist as a result of intense or traumatic emotional events that have not been fully processed and released from the mind-body complex. Whether witnessed or experienced, any form of verbal and physical abuse, neglect or abandonment for example will be occasions for trapped emotions to be generated (by body organs and glands, typically) or felt / absorbed from others. Experiences we perceive as perhaps less intense, like being birthed into the physical world itself (even in the most ideal of circumstances!), welcoming a sibling or going to school, are also opportunities for emotional energies to drop into the energy body of a child and get stuck, stored deep into the subconscious mind. The relevance is here: these energies may be the root cause of many physical symptoms or stubborn diseases a child could develop growing up, sometimes years down the line but often a few weeks or months after a time of emotional turmoil ; I believe that they ALL have the potential to eventually manifest as some form of symptomatic imbalance or behavioural pattern, which will end up plaguing their peace as well as yours. ​ ​

- Is your child having issues with bedwetting, night terrors or sleep in general? ​

- With a low-functioning immune system?​

- Is your child suffering from poor focus, a lack of or "too much" energy, or from learning difficulties? ​

- Is he or she anxious, insecure, sad or withdrawn and you cannot understand why? ​

- Does he or she have agressive or destructive tendencies, consistently making poor choices perhaps? ​

Anything that you intuit as out of character for a baby, a child or a teenager is a good indicator that something may be going on at the metaphysical level. Trapped emotional energies have been reported to be a contributing factor, if not the entire root cause, of all the above issues and more (1).​